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The Harsh Reality of SEO for Service Companies & Why Local Climb

The reality is that SEO is a treacherous journey for the home service industry in particular.

At Local Climb we work specifically with home service companies getting them to the top of Google. One of the main reasons for this is because home service providers don't service at their location but rather travel to local cities servicing homes and businesses. This makes the need to be found in Google even more important while at the same time extra tough to compete in local cities that your address is not tied too.

For instance, you may have your address located in Dallas, TX, but you still service 30 + miles from your address to local surrounding cities east like Rockwall, TX or north like Plano, TX. You want your site to rank for people in Rockwall and Plano who are searching, but how do you get above the home service companies who actually have an address in these cities? This can be a challenge, but it doesn't mean it is not possible.

The point I am making to home service companies is the understanding that your SEO will be challenging and you need to make sure to choose an agency that is solely focused on SEO as their main service. Most importantly don't give up or cheap out, SEO companies provide a true service and work extremely hard to fight a battle that does not have immediate wins. The biggest mistake you can make is to quit too early and lose your investment, or choose low cost services and not get the adequate work done to rank your site properly in the first place.

Let's face it, your business plans to be around more than a year and so does Google, so think of your SEO as an ongoing marketing tool for the long term of your business.

This journey can be taken lightly by so many marketing agencies who add SEO to their service list in addition to the tons of other services they offer. This can confuse the home service business into choosing an SEO company who doesn't have the true focus and experience with SEO that they act like, just because they want their service list to be large and a one stop shop. We are not saying every agency is this way, but be weary of one stop shops and make sure that the SEO company you choose has experience ranking home service providers like yourself.

At Local Climb we know the competition for local service providers is fierce and we understand how this translates to online rankings. Because of this we only care about one business, and that is yours! We fight only for your company in your local area and not your competition. We act exclusively as your dedicated employee who's only job is to get you to the top of Google, and show you transparency along the way.

This means more focus for our customers, therefore better results.

This is how SEO should be, dedicated and focused. Remember the journey is tough and it's not always quick with SEO, and that is just the harsh reality no matter who you choose. You should expect 6-12 months to see true results minimum. We like to think of SEO like climbing Mount Google and all of your customers are at the top looking for you. Unfortunately you will not see your customers until at the very top, and the journey along the way will not be easy, but it will be worth it. Remember that your competition will not stop either, so you must face the facts, stick with the journey, and beat them to the top.

With Local Climb you are going to get an experienced SEO expert who has worked specifically with home service companies since 2011. We know the correct paths to take, we have the correct tools, and we show you transparency along the way. What does this mean in SEO terms? It means that we know what Google wants therefore we perform the correct work to move you up and we show you the results as it happens.

So you know we mean business, we will mention some basic SEO terms but hope that you message us so we can consult you more in depth. Below is a list of our core SEO tactics that tie in directly with the factors that Google looks for to move your keyword rankings up in the SERP's (Search Engine Result Page). The higher your website domain authority, the better you will do in search results and the below tactics are focused on building your domain authority, and your website trust flow.

Core SEO Work We Focus On:

1) Keyword Research

2) On-Page Content

3) Local Citations

4) Link Building Profile

5) Blogging

6) Google Map & Reviews

7) Rank Tracking

8) Reporting

Google is not going anywhere, but your competition is, so you must load up and start climbing your way to the top. Please reach out to contact us so that we can schedule you an in depth consultation and explain a tailored SEO solution for your home service business.

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