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Am I Being Screwed By My SEO Company?

Many business owners are scared of SEO companies and worry they will be screwed by them. This could be either because of past experiences, stories shared with other business owners, or maybe because it is such a weird/unique service to both buy and sell. Yet one thing still won't go away, and that's the fact that people are using their phones and computers every day to search for local service and maintenance companies to choose from. We know this is true because the search data exists and we can see this information.

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Businesses are stuck with the issue of needing SEO services to rank their websites and local listings at the top of Google, yet they are unsure of the services they are paying for, as well as the expectations they are receiving from approaching SEO salesman. It is very understandable why most people are scared of being screwed by the next SEO company that comes their way.

Here are a few things to look for in your SEO company:

1) No Company Is Reinventing The Wheel -

The days of fooling Google have long passed and there should be no companies trying to do un-usual and sneaky, so to speak, tactics. The truth is there are specific factors that the search algorithms look for when they see your company on the web. The factors include things like, onsite SEO, off site link building, local citations, reviews, social presence, behavior, etc. The point is, SEO can be possible by catering to the factors above and following sound SEO techniques. Many good SEO companies will also follow these methods, because they are correct. Those who are doing weird tactics and trying to guarantee results are worrisome in my experience.

2) Selling Tangible Services That Makes Sense -

Every single day I hear the same thing from customers, and that is "I have someone doing my SEO but I'm not sure if it is working, I get some calls." Many times these customers don't know if the SEO is for their website or their Google Map or maybe their social media? The point here is that any reputable SEO company can show you very specific work created as well as targeted search results. For instance SEO services can be very tangible because we can physically show you all the content created and links specifically built as well as the targeted keywords we are trying to rank for and the results. No once can guarantee results, but we can do all the rest. Your SEO company needs to make this straight forward for their customers.

3) Work For You, Then Google -

There are companies out there who put Google before You when trying to get you to the top of search engines. I know that that doesn't necessarily sounds like a bad thing, but to me it is horrible, because it sets a precedence for how the company views the customer throughout the entire business relationship. For instance, our jobs as SEO experts is to rank your business with proper techniques. That is a given and as SEO providers we should also know the importance of personalization. There are websites that work great in search engines yet they lack so much actual personalization about the company that they are still stale to viewers. Then there are websites focused on You, the customer with such unique look and personalized content that is also soundly written for proper SEO. To me these sites always win with the customer, because they end up being made specifically for the customer.

4) Own Your Website & Progress -

To piggy back off the last statement, you want to own your website and your progress. Often websites that are huge and generic, are created by companies with intention to resell if you no longer pay them. For instance, you stop paying but you don't get the progress of your website, instead the company changes the colors, logo, and business name and continues using for a new company. This happens often in the SEO business, so it is important to have a very personalized site that you own. As it grows in the search engines over time you continue to own all of that progress.

5) Show Results & Specific Targets -

Make sure that the SEO company you choose to work with can show you specific targets and results for those targets. If you are paying to be at the top of search engines, then that means you are ranking at the top for "Specific" words being searched. Make sure your SEO company can show you the words they are targeting and the search volumes for those words. You should be able to know how many times per month on average a keyword is being searched. Once you know this data then you can start seeing if you are in fact moving to the top. Any reputable SEO agency can tell you and show you this info. If your SEO company cannot show you this, then you should be weary.

6) You're Comfortable & You Don't Give Up To Soon -

In the end I tell every customer the same thing and that is to go with your gut. Once you have qualified all that I mentioned above and you feel ready to go, then listen to your gut. If something feels weird then continue shopping around or asking more questions. If you are ready to go then go for it. The catch to that is to not give up too soon. At this point you should be aware that it could take 3-6-9 + months to rank at the top for some keywords depending on the competition, but you will see movement the entire time. With this knowledge, do not give up to early or it all goes to waste. Sometimes people tell me they were screwed when in fact they gave up too early and didn't fully understand.

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