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In 60 seconds - Will SEO Make or Take Your Money?

In 60 seconds this video and blog will be able to give you the information you need, to harness your ability to make the wisest choice, when deciding whether you should invest in SEO Services.

You Only Need To Know 5 Things:

1) What keywords are people specifically searching?

There are many online tools as well as companies that can show you exactly the terms people are searching most for your industry, in your location. The facts and data show that people tend to search in higher volumes for specific keywords. Although this information evolves and adjusts over time, it allows us to see history to help focus on the correct words to rank you for in the future.

2) At what volumes are people searching these words per month?

Now that you can see the exact keywords and keyword phrases that people are searching, it is now important to see at what volumes are they searching. In other words, which of these keywords are search the most per month? For example SEO Company Dallas is search on average 260 times per month. Once you know the volumes of the keywords you are targeting, only then, can you begin to estimate how many people are possible to search and find you website. If your keywords have high volume then his it worth the investment to rank at the top for that volume.

3) Is your website url capable of competing and ranking for these words?

With some tools, like the one that we use in the video above, you can plug in your website url, and specifically see how you domain can compete for these words. In other words, you will very specifically see whether you Can, Maybe, and One Day, rank for words. This is very helpful to know what is and isn't possible soon or later. In order to make the quickest ROI, you may want to focus on the words that you know you can rank for first, then continue being more aggressive with the harder words as you begin ranking for the easier words.

4) What will it cost?

If you are not doing SEO yourself then you should expect to pay an SEO Company on a monthly service. This way they can build monthly content and backlinks in addition to onsite SEO. If you are paying SEO Prices under $500 a month for SEO then you are probably not getting enough services to be able to make the SEO actually work any time soon. You will want to pay for Keywords and for the company to build specific links and write specific content that can all be accounted for. SEO companies can strive for results but can only guarantee service.

5) How Long will it take?

With any company who is performing SEO you should expect that the first month is all about set up, therefore you cannot expect much at all to happen within the search engines yet in regards to movement. Once the Onsite SEO is done within the first month, then movement can begin to occur. Now give 3 full months before you expect anything at all really, then from 3-6 months is where you should see movement occurring and many keywords close to page one if not on page one. From 6 months to 12 months I would give this time to get as many of your words to #1 spot and build strong authority for these keywords. I would expect 9 months a good time for more serious ROI to begin occurring.

Now you can decide and make your investment wisely based on all this data you will know. SEO is truly an investment so do not get started if you cannot give it the minimum 6 months needed to see results moving. Contact Local Climb today so we can begin your keyword research.

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