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Keywords - The "Value" Corner Stone To SEO

Keywords Show You Value:

They are the corner stone to any good SEO ranking program and they are easy to understand. If your business is in the service or construction industry and you service a local area, then you need SEO as a part of your marketing budget. You don't need to know how to do it yourself, but you do need to understand the keywords chosen along with the potential value they poses. This way you can watch the results for targeted keywords that you are aware of. You can also make sure that you are investing the right amount of money per month based on the potential search volume for these Target Keywords.

That is the key to these words, search volume. This is were the value shows. There are many keywords that are not searched at all in a local area, or maybe searched just a few times here and there. Then there are keywords searched from 10-100 times or more per month. The highest amount of searches, does not always mean that word is the best quality to target. Typically keywords that are 3-5 words are more focused and revenue generating for the business. In other words Hvac Repair may be searched more, but Hvac Repair Company is more targeted, and Hvac Repair Company in Dallas TX is very targeted. In other words these searches are more apt to make a purchase as appose to Hvac Repair, which some people could be searching to learn how to repair themselves.

Everyone tells me, I want to be at the top of Google or I am not at the top of Google. I like to ask them, for what? What words are you referring to that you want to be at the top for? Then they typically tell me a random keyword. The point is that many business owners want to be at the top of Google but as a business owner you need to know what the potential value is and what that means to be at the top of Google. There are typically 5-30 main keywords searched in a local area for a targeted industry, which is enough for a business owner to know what he is targeting and why. Remember I am speaking of the "organic search listings" not the paid search. As a business owner or marketing director you do not need to know how to do it yourself, but you do need to see the search keywords and there volume, which will show you the potential value, if you were in fact ranked at the top.

Understand The Process & SEO:

Finally you need to understand how long it will take to get there so that you can budget your investment properly without giving up too early. Your business is not here for just a few months to 6 months, it is here for the long run. That means that 3-6 months of working the way to the top of Google to begin benefiting from your investment, is quite worth it for the serious business. Those who are afraid to invest in that time end up letting it go by and it goes so quickly. Many people look back wishing that they had just made the proper SEO investment from the beginning.

Remember that SEO is not the same as Pay Per Click, meaning that you do not get instant placement at the top of google. If you Pay per Click, then you get instant top ad placement; but once you stop, then you are gone. With SEO, once you move to the top, you don't drop so quickly, unless other companies heavily work to beat you. This is why you must have a month SEO budget that is ongoing, to not only continue gaining new keyword listings, but also maintain strength with original listings that have already been moved to the top.

Another difference to consider is the amount of keywords targeted. With Pay Per Click, your ad is shown for any relevant keyword possible. Where as organic SEO, tied to your website, is more narrow targeted with a range of 5-30 keywords targeted at first. This doesn't mean that your website will not rank for other keywords. It will still rank for many keyword variations, but the keywords that are heavily searched the most will be the targeted keywords in particular. The reason this is the case is with organic SEO, we are ranking specific target URL's, or pages of your website, including the homepage itself. Each page on the site has a limited amount of space and typically a narrowed topic of focus. Because of this, the SEO on a website needs to be limited and focused on the main targeted local keywords with only a few keywords targeted per page.

Choose The Right SEO Company:

Whether you get a referral from a friend or search out an SEO company yourself, there is one thing you can do to find value as well as measuring that value throughout your SEO campaign without having to know SEO or be heavily involved. Get the Keywords from the company, see what the search volumes are, and make sure there are enough searches per month to justify your investment. Then ask them what their methods are for moving you up for those keywords, and see if they can clearly show you the work they do to get there. Finally, ask them how their tracking works so that you can see results for these words. Any good SEO company can provide tracking results of some kind so that you can see if you are indeed moving up in the rankings.

There are so many other questions that could be asked and explained about the above topics that we would love to help you with if you are interested in SEO Services for your local business. Contact Us with you Local SEO questions.

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