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What is page 1 of Google worth to your company?

Page 1 of Google

Ranking top of Google for search results can mean different things for different companies, but the one thing it means for everyone is being found, and that is the key to having your website work for you. If you are looking for success on the web, then you are looking to be found. The question then remains, what are the costs and what is the potential value?

There are many ways for someone to discover your company name and hear about you for the first time, but I want to focus very specifically on people who are going to Google and searching to find a local company in your industry. This means they are typing words like Plumbers Dallas TX or HVAC Dallas TX. When these keywords are being searched in Google the viewer will most likely stay on page 1, but they will see a few different options while on page 1.

Google Search Options & Considerations:

Google Paid Adwords (PPC)

The 1st 4 spots are always Google paid ads. Every time an ad is clicked, then the business owner pays for that click. It does not matter if there is a call, email contact, or nothing. Every click has a cost. You show as often as your budget allows, and it is short term marketing. The minute you stop paying and running your ads, then the minute you stop getting leads. **The below Keyword "A C Repair Dallas" is valued at $78.12 (per click) for Google PPC campaigns like the ads shown below. That is $78.12 that you pay each time someone in search engines clicks your below ad.

Google Map Listing (Google My Business) *Google snack pack

The Map displays 3 listings with the option to see more places. There are no big tricks to being on the map. This is a free listing from Google called Google My Business. As a business owner you probably get calls all the time to "claim your Google listing." Make sure to log into Google's site and set up & claim your listing. Your business will show on the map based on a few factors including how your listing is set up, your reviews, as well as geographic location to the customer searching. There are more targeted outside-efforts we can perform to help show on the map in regards to our Local SEO services.

Organic Search Results (SEO) *Search engine optimization

Just below the map are the organic search results. Here there are 10 listings per page. These listings are all different websites & website pages (url's) that are ranked based on relevance to the keyword that was searched as well and Website Factors & Authority. If a website has a lot of traffic with new and returning visitors that all stay and visit many of the pages, then these factors help build the website authority. Also having links and citations on other high authority websites boost organic search results by making your website have more authority. Think about it this way, if your website has no traffic, is small, and people don't visit all the pages, then this website has low authority to Google. Google would rather not display it if there is another website producing better results for the same search term.

*Wanting to rank for and understand Local SEO is difficult, Book a Phone Consultation to have your questions answered.

Bottom Google Ads (PPC) *pay per click

The last 3 listings on the bottom of each page are Paid Ads (Google PPC). These are no different then the Paid Ads at the top of the page, just Google's way of fitting as many paid ads as able. Just below these ads are other related search terms for people to click, or the next arrows to continue to the next search page.

Seeing The Value:

All of the above visuals and explanation are to allow you to help build the value for yourself. Remember first that we are focusing specifically on the value of your business on page 1 of Google for a targeted search term like "A C Repair Dallas", which we know have average of 590 searches per month. We are even going 1 step further and focusing on both the Organic Listings as well as the Map Listings. In our case we are not discussing the value Paid Ads (PPC) only organic rankings.

See the value consist of 3-4 things:

1) Know what the highest searched keywords being typed in Google are for your industry & location. Also know what the search volumes are for these keywords, and how often a month these terms are searched.

Note: Out of hundreds of words there are typically 5-30 terms searched more than others. Of those there are typically a top 5 that are searched even more. Know what these keywords are and know the search volumes.

2) Know the cost per month for your local SEO monthly campaign and include 3-6 months investment while climbing your way to the top of search engines.

Note: If you are paying for local SEO then make sure you know the keywords being targeted & there search volumes. Also make sure to allow 3-6 months to climb your way to the top of results for these terms.

3) Know your sale ticket price and how many customers you will need to sell a month in order to make a proper ROI on your SEO investment. This is crucial data that only you can fully understand.

4) *Also note when needing to be at the top of Google some businesses consider brand recognition as a value builder as appose to direct search sales. This may or may not be your business but some companies with large deals want to be at the top but do not need to be at the top to survive in business.

Applying The Value:

Now let's use the above method to quickly see the value for ourselves. In this case we are going to pretend that we are a plumbing company who services the Dallas TX area and we want to be ranked at the top and on the map listing. We are considering hiring a local Dallas SEO Company to get us to the top but we need to see value.

1) Know the Keywords

- There are 30 + Keywords for Dallas Plumbers with a total of 4,000 + people searching a month.

2) Know the Costs

- It cost $1918 a month for our 30 Keyword Local SEO package.

Remember to consider 3-6 months, even 9 months to move to the top for majority, if not all, of these words. That means that you are investing 6 months roughly before making your return. Unlike PPC though, if you stop your listings do not disappear organically. You only drop if someone else out performs and moves their site above your site.

3) Know the sale ticket price

- Let's say hypothetically that each sale of my plumbing business could range from $39 - $1200. With the average being $250.

If we then calculate the amount of people that we think may click our website out of the 4,000 searches a month, let's say 5% make it to my site and become a customer purchasing the average $250 price. That would be total of $50,000 sales per month with a $1918 month investment including ($11,508 six month investment) to get to the top for those words. I understand that the above is an ideal situation and that I completely pulled the numbers out of thin air in regards to the ticket price and guess of close rate, but the point is to show you the process I took to build the value.


In the end it is all a calculated gamble, so you want to know your search volumes and keywords, know your costs and investments, and know your sales price and volume. From there you can assess your own guesstimates on ROI.

I hope this information helps. If you have any questions or want to speak with an SEO specialist the please contact us today!

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