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Your SEO Company Should Be Exclusive

When your company decides to make an investment in SEO, there is already enough stress on the line. SEO is very rewarding and every business understands the importance of being at the top of Google, but getting there can be challenging. SEO by nature takes time and dedicated focus, and because of this you want to make sure that the company who is working to get you to the top is NOT also focusing on getting your competition there as well.

What Does Exclusive Mean?

Your a local business owner who is purchasing monthly SEO from an agency so what does it actually mean for them to be exclusive with you? It is quite simple, but you need to think in terms of "Keywords". What you want when hiring an SEO company is for them to rank you top of Google. Well, rank you for what? There are many ways that people can search for your local business. If they know your company name then they can search that, but what everyone really wants is to be found by those who don't yet know there company exists. This means they want people who are searching for specific keywords. The main focus here is "specific" keywords. Here is an example, one of our many target keywords for our company is the phase "Frisco SEO Company". Frisco, TX is a local city just outside of Dallas and we have much business there. Because of this we want to be at the top for those searching. Through keyword research we have determined that Frisco SEO Company is one of the main words in the area for us to target. We have additional words for Frisco that we also target, but for the sake of the article we will focus on this. Through our research we understand that this word is specifically searched on average 30 times a month and has a KC score that tells us our website can absolutely rank for this. We are currently #5 and will be in the 1-3 spot very soon.

So what does this mean for exclusivity? It means that your SEO provider should be identifying the keywords that people are searching for your local business, whether you are a roofer, plumber, landscaper, pool builder, real estate agent, dentist, etc. There are people searching very specific words and they are searching some of these words far more than others. So once your provider has identified the words to rank you for, then being exclusive means NOT trying to rank your competition for the same words. It is actually a very simple concept, but I assume many business owners buy SEO services and don't really know who else the company they are working with is also working with.

Can Your SEO Provider Assure Exclusivity?

If your SEO provider cannot assure you exclusivity, then run! We just explained above how easy it is to target keywords and show you, the business owner, what those words are. So if your provider is doing there job correctly, then you know the words you are ranking for and where you are currently ranked. So if your SEO agency cannot confirm that your are the only one they are ranking for those words, then something seems fishy right? I'm not hear to knock on other agencies but rather inform the business owners of the reality involved with SEO and ranking. You want trust form your SEO company and you want to know that your business is actually a priority to them. Being exclusive helps build trust and gives you the peace of mind that your money is not going to waste. Many companies don't promote being exclusive even if they are, so for you as the business owner, the best thing is to just ask.

Is SEO Even Worth Your Investment?

This is slightly off topic but is always important for business owners to know when investing in SEO, and that is if it is even worth it. The numbers don't lie, and your trusted SEO company can provide you those numbers as well as an answer to whether you can or cannot rank. From that data you as a business owner can decide if it is in fact worth it. The numbers that I speak of our 3 fold.

1) How many people are searching monthly for each specific keyword? This is the keyword volume on average per month. If you know that 10 people are searching on average per month for Plumbers in Dallas then you might not want to invest in that word compared to if it was search 200 times per month. The search volume shows you the potential amount of people that could find you.

2) Your KC score tells you if you can or cannot even make it to the top of Google for a specific keyword. If you keyword gives you a KC score that is too high for you to rank, then you probably shouldn't be investing monthly for that word. Instead start out with the words you can rank for, and once your website authority grows and you gain traffic from these targeted words, then you can consider going for the tougher ones.

3) What is the average CPC in Google. Everyone of these keywords has a cost tied to them with Google, even if that cost is $0. Some words can cost upwards of $50 - $100 per click. The reason this data is important is because it shows you what Google considers to be an important and valuable word. With organic SEO you are not paying per click, but it is important when choosing Keywords, to know which ones do hold more value than others.

We hope this article was helpful and gives you, the business owner, more understanding when working with your SEO company on your SEO campaign. Find out if SEO will work for your company!

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